Our Services

Fleet Operations

We provide a range of collection and delivery services throughout NSW. We have an experienced team who are dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ requirements, regardless of volume and time constraints.

We have the following range of vehicles:

  • 1tonne vans
  • 1tonne utes
  • 12tonne curtainsiders
  • Refrigerated trucks 1tonne to 8tonne

Logistics Solutions

HUD specialises in the transport and handling of all types of goods. We offer our customers the shipment of all their goods, providing door-to-door transport.

Refrigerated Food Supply

We can source refrigerated vans, refrigerated warehouses, dry transport and controlled environment transport. Our customer service team is simply the best in the business. You will always be speaking with friendly staff.

Outside Transport Hire

Our transport hire fleet ranges from 1tonne vans, utes, 12tonne curtainsiders and refrigerated trucks 1tonne to 8tonne vechicles.

Contract Logistics and Permanent Vehicle Placement

This means that Contract Logistics is not simply the process of moving goods, but a far more comprehensive course of action that merges traditional logistics with supply chain management processes.

Express hiab services

Small to medium jobs,
Cubby house.